Photo shot March 2006 by M. Lounsbery


Dorothy said, "There's no place like home," I say there's no place like Anacortes and I'm proud that it's been my life long home.

It's true we have rain; that's how the trees grow big, the flowers bloom everywhere, the air stays fresh, and when the sun shines it's truly like a gift from heaven. It is a place where you feel special and a place that is special in itself.

But it's people that make a town a home. When you see friends and acquaintances every day just by walking down the street, grabbing lunch at the deli, or running to the store for milk, you have a feeling of belonging.

With the close-knit community spirit, the many festivals, the outdoor recreation, summer concerts on the lawn overlooking the marina, the beauty of the landscape, and the smell of the salt water, Anacortes has been a wonderful place to grow up and have my kids grow up. It is a place I will always call home.

Welcome to the NW paradise; I'm glad you are thinking of joining us.